KlientBoost SOPs to Download

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? 

Our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are like the secret sauce to PPC success. 

And guess what? You get to download them. Think of these as your PPC cheat sheets, ready to guide you whenever you need. 

Our downloadable SOPs aren't just documents; they’re blueprints to success. These are the exact procedures and shortcuts we use day in, day out, and now, they're yours to keep.

KlientBoost SOPs Unlocked in this Google Search Ads Course

  • KlientBoost Seasonal Budget Planning Spreadsheet: Learn how to plan your annual ad spend budgets for the calendar year, so you maximize returns during your busy season and promotions. 
  • KlientBoost Universal Negative Keyword Lists: Unlock the negative keyword lists that are ready to be imported into your ad accounts to begin saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • KlientBoost Pre-Launch QC Checklist: See exactly what our golden rules are that make up our pre-launch QC checklist for every Google Search Ads campaign we launch.
  • KlientBoost Search Ad Copy Formulas: Gain access to our ever-expanding Search Ads Copy formulas cheat sheet so you can build headlines and descriptions fast while remaining high-quality. 
  • KlientBoost Ultimate Optimization Checklist: Get the exact checklist of high-impact optimizations our team runs on our client's accounts, as well as instructions on what to do weekly/monthly/quarterly to keep your account humming.

Not only that, but we’ll also give you the ability to download several SOPs that give you step-by-step instructions to implement some of the more advanced Google Ads tasks that we recommend you implement to scale your ad account. 

Here are the PDFs you’ll find embedded within the course: 

  • How to Set Up Dynamic Search Ads 
  • How to Set Up Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • How to Set Up a SKAG Campaign 
  • How to Set Up a RLSA Campaign
  • How to Set Up a Performance Max Campaign
  • How to Set Up a Keyword Tapering Campaign 
  • How to Set Up a Bottom Feeding Campaign 
  • How to Implement a Portfolio Bid Strategy 

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