Google Search Course Overview

Buckle up, because you're in for a wild ride. 🤠

We'll start with the basics – introducing you to the world of Google Ads. 

But hold onto your hats, because we'll quickly ramp up, diving deep into advanced strategies and tactics that have consistently delivered knockout results. 

Results? Oh yes… the average Google Ads return is impressive out of the gate, whether that’s 2x better or 8x better. 

But we like to do better than average. 

So what return on ad spend, or ROAS, should businesses getting started with Google Ads strive for?

In our opinion (as a Google Ads agency), we go after a 4:1 return. 

When you have the right product-market-fit, we’re even more ambitious than a 400% return. 

Fortune favors the bold as they say, and that is certainly my mantra. 

It’s how KlientBoost grew from five members in 2015 to over 100 members in 2021 and scaled profits (using Google Ads as a key tool in my kit) from $100K MRR to $1.2 million MRR in only 5 years.

Go big or go home.

By the end of this journey, Google Ads won’t just be a tool – it’ll be your superpower.

Overview of the Google Search Course Rubric Below👇

Chapter 1: Google Ads Fundamentals

  • What is Google Ads?
  • How Do Google Ads Work?
  • How to Create a Google Ad Account
  • Navigating Google Ads
  • Google Ads Glossary

Chapter 2: Goals & Budget Planning

  • Why Setting Goals & Planning Your Budget is Important
  • How to Set Your Marketing Goals
  • How Your CPC Will Determine Your Minimum Budget
  • How Business Metrics Affect Marketing Goals
  • Seasonal Budget Planning Spreadsheet

Chapter 3: What Are Search Ads

  • What is Google Search?
  • What is Quality Score?
  • Search Terms & Keywords
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Choosing the Right Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Universal Negative Keyword List

Chapter 4: Building a Search Campaign

  • How to Create a Search Campaign
  • Best practices for Search Ads
  • Build Your Search Campaign Shell
  • Add Audiences into “Observation” Mode
  • Pre-Launch QC Checklist
  • Breaking Campaigns Down by Location
  • How to Build in Google Ads Editor

Chapter 5: Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to Build a Seed Keyword List
  • Understanding Long Tail vs. Short Tail
  • Create Your Keyword Seed List
  • Finding Seed Keyword Ideas

Chapter 6: Keyword Planning

  • Understanding Keyword Intent
  • Mapping Offers to Keyword Intent
  • Why We Build Themed Ad Groups
  • Best Strategic Themes for Ad Groups
  • Why You Should Bid on Your Brand Name
  • Using the Keyword Planner
  • Reviewing Historical Account Performance

Chapter 7: Search Ad Copy

  • Why Search Ad Copy Matters
  • Understanding Your Messaging Strategies
  • Conduct Copy Research
  • What Are Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)?
  • Create Your Search Ad Copy
  • Polishing Your Ad Copy in Google Ads

Chapter 8: Ad Extensions

  • Understanding Ad Extensions
  • Different types of ad extensions
  • Manual vs. Automated Extensions
  • 5 Ad Extension Tips Smart Advertisers Follow

Chapter 9: Conversion Tracking Set Up

  • Why Conversion Tracking Matters
  • What is Conversion Tracking?
  • Installing Your Global Site Tag
  • How to Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Understanding Attribution
  • Picking the Right Attribution Model
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Troubleshooting Conversion Tracking

Chapter 10: Mastering Bidding Models

  • Why Bidding Models Matter
  • What Are Bidding Strategies?
  • How to Add Bid Adjustments
  • Portfolio Bid Strategy
  • Plan Better By Simulating Bids
  • Value-Based Bidding

Chapter 11: Optimizations

  • Why Regular Optimizations Are Important
  • Which KPIs to Monitor
  • Ultimate Optimization Checklist
  • How to Add Negative Keywords
  • How to Do Keyword Refinement
  • How to Adjust Keyword Bids
  • How to Adjust Spend Strategically
  • How to Adjust Bids & Copy
  • How to Use the Recommendations Tab
  • How Google Ads Filters Speed Up Optimizations

Chapter 12: Advanced Experimentation Strategies

  • Why Continued Experimentation Matters
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
  • Improving the Iceberg Effect with SKAGs
  • Grow Rapidly with Keyword Tapering
  • Sink Deeper With The Bottom Feeding Approach
  • Maximize Results with Performance Max

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