What Differentiates KlientBoost Courses?

You might be thinking, “There are countless courses out there. What makes this one any different?” 

Well, let's get straight to the heart of it.

  • Reputation that speaks volumes: KlientBoost isn't just another name in the PPC world. We're the agency that businesses big and small turn to when they need results, and not just any results – we’re talking game-changing, needle-moving outcomes. We've got a track record that's second to none, and this course embodies every ounce of that expertise.
  • Real clients, real success: We've not just played in the minor leagues; we've been in the majors. We’ve been fortunate to partner with incredible clients and bring real change to their businesses. Names like NPR, AirBnB, and SAP aren’t just logos on our website; they're case studies of success, proof that our strategies work in the real world.
  • Expertise based on real-time data: There’s “online gurus” who say that they are experts. But KlientBoost manages $7 million in monthly ad spend across 500 accounts (and that’s just in our Meta Ads, not even including Google, LinkedIn, & other PPC platforms). We bring a unique blend of data-drive strategies, creativity, and that secret ingredient – 1st party data. 
  • Built with your capacity in-mind: While we are a big agency, we know that it’s usually up to a small team to implement Meta Ads (sometimes even just 1 brave solopreneur or Director of Demand Gen). We’ll cover everything, but leave you with no-fluff, action-oriented instructions so you can harness the power of PPC on your own.  

Cutting Through Noise (VPM™)

It’s important to be aware of the echo chamber out there online. 

You've seen them – courses plastered with bright colors, catchy titles, and big promises.

But peel back the layers, and you might find that they're often echoing the same, untested advice. 

While it's easy to regurgitate online "best practices," putting them into real-world practice is a different ball game. 

Many instructors don't have the battle scars to show that they've tested, iterated, and truly understood their teachings in a live environment. It's a bit like someone teaching you to swim without ever having dipped a toe in the water. Cute, right? 

We believe there’s no substitute for real-world experience, and that's why every strategy you'll learn here is backed by data, tested on actual clients, and polished to perfection. 

Our course is going to cut through the noise and give you the highest VPM (which standard for “value per minute”) - yes, we made that up to sound cooler and show you we’re unique. 

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