Meta Ads Course Overview

Buckle up, because you're in for a wild ride. 🤠

We'll start with the basics – introducing you to the world of Meta Ads (Facebook + Instagram mainly). 

But hold onto your hats, because we'll quickly ramp up, diving deep into strategies and tactics that have consistently delivered knockout results. 

Results? Oh yes…Meta accounts for 71.64% of all web traffic referral from social media, so you can imagine there is money to be made. 

With many different ad types and placements available on Meta Ads, along with highly-specific targeting options, many businesses rely solely on Meta Ads for their growth.

The average Facebook Ads return is impressive out of the gate, whether that’s 2x better or 8x better. 

But we like to do better than average. 

So what return on ad spend, or ROAS, should businesses getting started with Meta Ads strive for?

In our opinion (as a marketing agency that’s spent millions of dollars on behalf of clients in Meta Ads), we go after a 4:1 return. 

When you have the right product-market-fit, we’re even more ambitious than a 400% return. 

Fortune favors the bold as they say, and that is certainly my mantra. 

It’s how KlientBoost grew from five members in 2015 to over 100 members in 2021 and scaled profits (using Meta Ads as a key tool in my kit) from $100K MRR to $1.2 million MRR in only 5 years.

Go big or go home.

By the end of this journey, Facebook Ads won’t just be a tool – it’ll be your superpower.

Boring Overview of the Actual Rubric Below👇


  • What Differentiates KlientBoost Courses?
  • Meta Ads Course OverviewDraft
  • KlientBoost SOPs to DownloadDraft

Chapter 1: Meta Ads Fundamentals

  • What is Meta?
  • The History of Facebook Advertising
  • How Do Meta Ads Work?
  • Meta Ads vs. Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads
  • Meta Commandments
  • How to Create a Meta Ad Account
  • Meta Ads Special Ad Categories
  • Navigating Meta Business Suite
  • Navigating Ads Manager
  • Meta Ads Glossary

Chapter 2: Goals & Budget Planning

  • Why Setting Goals & Planning Your Budget is Important
  • How to Set Your Marketing Goals
  • How to Calculate Your Current CPA
  • Where to Set Your Budgets in Meta Ads
  • What Ad Budget Types Meta Ads Has
  • Choosing a Budget Large Enough to Exit the Learning Phase
  • The Power of CPMs
  • How to See What Special Category Advertisers Are Spending on Meta
  • How Your CPC Will Determine Your Minimum Budget
  • How Business Metrics Affect Marketing Goals
  • Seasonal Budget Planning Spreadsheet

Chapter 3: Building a Meta Campaign

  • Day 1 Account Structure
  • Understanding Buying Types
  • Understanding Campaign Objectives
  • Introducing Network Placements
  • Facebook Power5 Framework
  • How to Create a Campaign Shell
  • The Golden Rule to Ads Manager Campaign Builds
  • Pre-Launch QC Checklist

Chapter 4: Understanding Audiences

  • Understanding Audience Targeting
  • Types of Audience Targeting Available
  • 1st Priority = Custom Audiences
  • 2nd Priority = Super & Lookalike Audiences
  • 3rd Priority = Interest Targeting Audiences
  • Why Interest Targeting Isn’t Always Reliable
  • Best Audiences for B2B
  • Understand Your Audience Insights
  • Understanding Audience RE-Targeting
  • The Power of Audience Market Segments

Chapter 5: Audience Building

  • Why We Build Audiences in Bulk
  • AND vs. OR Targeting 🤷‍♀️
  • Day 1 Audiences to Build
  • How to Create a Custom Audience
  • How to Create a Lookalike Audience
  • How to Create a Super Interest Audience
  • How to Create Social Engagers Audiences
  • How to Create Video Viewer Audiences
  • How to Create Website Visitor Audiences
  • How to Creat Initiate Check Audiences

Chapter 6: Understanding Ads

  • Meta Ad Types Explained With Examples
  • 4 Elements to of Writing an Ad
  • Why Understanding Competitor Ads Matters
  • What to Keep in Mind When Analyzing Competitor Ads
  • How to See Your Competitor’s Ads
  • Spying on Competitor Landing Pages

Chapter 7: Writing High Quality Ads

  • Understanding the Stages of Awareness
  • Matching Your Offers & CTAs to Intent
  • Understanding Your Customer’s Voice
  • Deciding Your Unique Value Proposition
  • How to Write Strong Headlines
  • How to Write Strong Primary Text
  • Short vs. Long Ad Copy - Which One is Better?

Chapter 8: Designing Creatives That Convert

  • The Power of Compelling Ad Creatives
  • Why Having Strong Ad Creative Matters
  • Developing Your Brand’s Creative Aesthetic
  • Understanding Color Psychology in Creatives
  • Adding Call-to-Actions on Your Creatives
  • Creative Image Best Practices to Try
  • The Power of Using Videos Over Images
  • Create Geo-Targeted Ads With Location-Based Images
  • Pro Tips for Making Creatives That Convert
  • 5 A/B Tests to Choose Your Creative Direction
  • Pre-Launch QC Checkist (Creative Edition)

Chapter 9: Conversion Tracking Set Up

  • Why Conversion Tracking Matters
  • What is Conversion Tracking?
  • Setting Up the Meta Pixel
  • Setting Up Conversion Events
  • Setting Up the Conversions API (CAPI)
  • Using Ads Reporting & Performance Breakdowns
  • Understanding Attribution in the New iOS14 World
  • Deep Dive into Attribution Windows

Chapter 10: Mastering Bidding Models

  • Why Bidding Models Matter
  • What Are Meta Bidding Strategies?
  • Types of Bid Strategies Available
  • How Campaign Objective & Bid Models are Connected
  • Manual vs. Automatic Bidding - Which One to Use
  • ABO vs. CBO - Which One to Use

Chapter 11: Optimization Schedule

  • Why Regular Optimizations Are Important
  • Most Important KPIs to Monitor
  • Ultimate Optimization Checklist
  • How to Strategically Pause Underperfoming Ads
  • How to Adjust Campaign Budgets
  • How to Adjust Ad Set Level Spending Limits
  • How to Test New Bid Strategies
  • How to Test Ad Types
  • Ideas for New Audiences, Creatives, & Offers to Test
  • How to Update Lookalike Audiences
  • How to Update View Viewer Audiences
  • How to Adjust Your Cost Per Result Goal
  • How to Adjust Ad Copy & Creatives
  • Optimizations to Avoid to Re-Enter the Learning Phase

Chapter 12: Advanced Experimentation Strategies

  • Why Continued Experimentation Matters
  • 7 Elements to A/B Test in Meta Ads
  • How to Use the Split Testing Tool
  • 19 Unique Ad Copy Ideas to Try
  • How the Iceberg Effect Impacts Audiences Over Time
  • Test Out Dark Posts
  • Test Out Seasonal Campaigns
  • Test Out Location-Specific Ads
  • 12 Advanced Retargeting Ad Ideas
  • Facebook Advantage+ shopping campaigns: Are they worth the hype?
  • How to Master Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • How to Master Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Final Thoughts: Leverage Other Platforms to Compound Wins

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