KlientBoost SOPs to Download

Who doesn’t love a shortcut? 

Our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are like the secret sauce to PPC success. 

And guess what? You get to download them. Think of these as your PPC cheat sheets, ready to guide you whenever you need. 

Our downloadable SOPs aren't just documents; they’re blueprints to success. These are the exact procedures and shortcuts we use day in, day out, and now, they're yours to keep.

KlientBoost SOPs Unlocked in this Meta Ads Course

  • KlientBoost Seasonal Budget Planning Spreadsheet: Learn how to plan your annual ad spend budgets for the calendar year, so you maximize returns during your busy season and promotions. 
  • KlientBoost Meta Ads Audience Library: See all the audiences you’ll need to build on Day 1, tailored to your business type, so you set yourself up for endless A/B testing and the ability to scale. 
  • KlientBoost Campaigns Pre-Launch QC Checklist: See exactly what our golden rules are that make up our pre-launch QC checklist for every Meta Ads campaign we launch.
  • KlientBoost Creatives Pre-Launch QC Checklist: See exactly what our golden rules are that make up our pre-launch QC checklist for all creatives we make for Meta Ads campaigns.
  • KlientBoost Social Ad Copy Formulas: Gain access to our ever-expanding Social Ads Copy formulas cheat sheet so you can build headlines and descriptions fast, while remaining high-quality. 
  • KlientBoost Ultimate Optimization Checklist: Get the exact checklist of high-impact optimizations our team runs on our client's accounts, as well as instructions on what to do weekly/monthly/quarterly to keep your account humming.
  • Stage of Awareness: Get the headline formulas and angles to write strong ad copy for all the stages of awareness the customer goes through in their sales journey, to ultimately decide to purchase your services/product.  
  • KlientBoost Offer Opportunities List: Grab a copy of our offer opportunities lists built to match the different levels of intent, so you have a marketing engine to bring leads into your sales pipeline. 
  • Day 1 Audience Builds for Meta Ads: Get a PDF and video walk-throughs on how to build the 50+ audiences you’ll need to set up your ad account in the best possible way, and have lots of audience tests ready to roll-in. 
  • KlientBoost Copy research process: Find out how we research our client’s customers and how we organize the information from our competitor’s ad copy to figure out our winning copy that is more likely to drive results. 
  • How to Install the Conversions API: We’ll show you step-by-step how to install CAPI using the native Shopify Integration and Zapier, with several screenshots and quick pro-tips to not get stuck.
  • How to Set Up Dark Posted Ads: Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up Dark Post ads, which will help you maximize your social proof and increase your results from Meta ads.

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